General Dentistry

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Teeth Fillings

When teeth become decayed or have cavities, they can be effectively restored using white fillings. White fillings are easily one of the most popular ways of filling cavities on both your front and bac...

Root canal

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment, also called endodontic treatment, is the treatment of infection within the tooth nerve chambers. This involves the removal of the nerve and other tissue within the nerve chambe...

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Gum Disease Treatment (Periodontics)

Periodontology refers to a type of dentistry that concerns the supporting structures of the teeth and the various diseases relevant to them. These supporting structures include the gingiva (the gums),...


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth extraction involves the removal of one to four wisdom teeth. People usually undergo this procedure in their teens or early to mid-twenties as that's when wisdom teeth typically develop. B...

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Dentistry for Kids

At Brunswick Family Dental, we offer specialised dental services for children and teenagers. We know that appropriate dental care during adolescence can pave the way for healthy teeth and gums for lif...