Safe and Effective Teeth Whitening

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is the process of lightening the colour of your natural teeth. It's the most requested procedure in cosmetic dentistry, as it's a quick, effective, and affordable way to restore vitality to your smile. It's not uncommon for teeth to become yellowed over time, no matter your age or lifestyle. However, there are some contributing factors, which usually fall under three categories.

Extrinsic stains affect the surface and enamel of your tooth, while intrinsic stains are from within the tooth, giving the tooth a more greyish appearance. Intrinsic stains can be harder to combat with over-the-counter whitening products, so we recommend consulting a dentist for a professional assessment. The third category of tooth discolouration is age-related stains, which naturally appear as your enamel wears away.

Unsure of what could be causing discolouration in your teeth? Here are some common factors:

error_outline INDICATIONS FOR Teeth Whitening:

This treatment may be needed in the following situations:

  • Smoking: Tobacco and cigarettes can cause noticeable yellow and brown stains on your teeth. This is because your teeth absorb both nicotine and tar.
  • Brushing Habits: Brushing is essential to maintaining your oral health. However, brushing too much could break down your enamel, a barrier that protects your teeth from discolouration, cavities, and more.
  • Diet: Certain foods and drinks can stain the outer surface of your teeth. If you consume red wine, coffee, tea, or chocolate on a regular basis, you may have just found the cause of your discolouration.
  • Medication: Some antibiotics can discolour teeth in children, altering their enamel formation. We recommend asking your doctor for more information.
  • Genetics: Those born with a naturally thinner enamel will be more susceptible to developing yellow discolouration.
  • Trauma: Having a severe dental injury, especially when you’re young, can affect the way your enamel forms as you age. Trauma can also cause the blood flow to your teeth to decrease, which is another cause of discolouration.
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How do dentists perform teeth whitenings?

Here at Brunswick Family Dental, we offer two teeth whitening methods. Before choosing a method, however, it's essential that we first examine your teeth and gums. There are several factors we'll take into consideration, including the thickness of your enamel, your fillings, crowns, veneers, the severity of your discolouration, and your general gum health. Your age, diet, and level of tooth decay are also relevant.

Once the assessment is complete, your dentist will recommend one of two teeth whitening methods. The first is our take-home kit. This kit comes with a custom-made tray, whitening gel, and detailed instructions to help you achieve the best results at home. Alternatively, we offer in-office bleaching with one of our oral therapists. This procedure involves applying tooth whitening gel and then using a special heating lamp on your teeth.

Of course, if you're eligible for both methods, the decision is entirely in your hands. However, it's important to note that your dentist may advise against bleaching. We don't recommend bleaching for pregnant or lactating women, children under 14, or current smokers. Your dentist may also advise against bleaching if you've had your teeth bleached too frequently or recently. While teeth whitening is a very safe procedure, doing it too much can lead to issues like tooth sensitivity and a weaker, damaged enamel.

If you think your discolouration is the result of minor extrinsic stains, you may be able to opt for over-the-counter products. These include things like whitening toothpastes and whitening strips. As stated above, these products aren't particularly effective on intrinsic or more severe extrinsic stains. That's why it's valuable to know the cause of your discolouration before purchasing and using these products.


What are the advantages of teeth whitening?

There's a reason why teeth whitening is such a popular cosmetic treatment for people of all walks of life. After all, radiant white teeth have become a major part of our society's beauty standards. Thankfully, whiter teeth are very accessible with our safe and simple methods. Here are some of the most notable advantages to teeth whitening treatments:

done_all KEY BENEFITS TO Teeth Whitening MAY INCLUDE:

  • Confidence Boost: Everyone loves having bright, sparkling white teeth! Having a whiter smile is sure to make you feel more confident in your everyday life.
  • Enhanced Youthful Appearance: Having teeth that are both healthy and straight is fantastic. However, keeping them white on your own can be tricky, especially if you love coffee, wine, or chocolate (who doesn't?). By undergoing our whitening treatments, you can continue eating and drinking what you want while still achieving a beautiful, youthful, pearly white smile.
  • Affordability: Teeth whitening is a very affordable cosmetic procedure. With Brunswick Family Dental, we offer affordable prices, whether you opt for our in-office treatment or a take-home kit.
  • Improved Oral Health: Having stains removed by a dentist can actually strengthen your teeth, as you'll have less accumulated plaque on your teeth. Less plaque means less harmful bacteria, which reduces your odds of developing cavities and gum disease.
  • Consistent Results: Though whitening strips and toothpastes can yield good results on minor extrinsic stains, actual teeth whitening procedures will give you much more consistently impressive results.

How long will the whitening procedure take?

If you and your dentist agree that our in-office treatment would be best, you'll have to book a two-hour appointment. The procedure takes two hours because the oral therapist will be alternating between applying whitening gel and aiming the heating lamp for multiple intervals. The procedure itself is straightforward and pain-free.

Though the appointment itself seems quite long, your results can last for a significant amount of time. Your results will vary based on your lifestyle and how you care for your teeth, but you can expect your smile to remain white for anywhere between six months and two or more years.

To get the best results for as long as possible, we recommend taking into consideration the cause of your discolouration in the first place. If you were breaking down your enamel, try a more gentle brushing method. If you drank coffee multiple times a day, try to cut back where you can.

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