Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry

What is Sleep Dentistry at Brunswick Family Dental Surgery (BFDS)?

Sleep dentistry at Brunswick Family Dental Surgery (BFDS) offers a safe and comfortable approach to dental treatments for patients who experience dental anxiety or require complex procedures. As a proud member of the Sleep Dentistry Group, BFDS provides a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to sleep dentistry, ensuring a relaxing and positive dental experience.

Indications for Sleep Dentistry at BFDS:

Sleep dentistry is particularly beneficial for individuals who:

done_all KEY BENEFITS TO Sleep Dentistry MAY INCLUDE:

  • Experience dental phobias or anxiety
  • Have a strong gag reflex or difficulty sitting still for long periods
  • Require extensive or complex dental procedures
  • Struggle with discomfort or pain during dental treatments

How is Sleep Dentistry Done at BFDS?

During sleep dentistry at Brunswick Family Dental Surgery, our highly skilled dental team, along with qualified anaesthesiologists or dental anaesthetists, you will be put under a general anaesthetic and will closely monitored throughout the procedure. You will be in a relaxed and comfortable state, with no awareness or recollection, allowing our team to perform the necessary treatments safely and efficiently.

Benefits of Sleep Dentistry at BFDS:

Choosing sleep dentistry at Brunswick Family Dental Surgery offers several advantages:

done_all KEY BENEFITS TO Sleep Dentistry MAY INCLUDE:

  • Anxiety-free and relaxed dental experience
  • Minimised pain and discomfort during treatments
  • No awareness and recollection of the procedure
  • Completion of complex or lengthy procedures in a single session
  • Improved oral health by addressing long-standing dental issues

How Long Does Sleep Dentistry Treatment Take at BFDS?

The duration of sleep dentistry treatment at Brunswick Family Dental Surgery depends on the specific procedures involved and the complexity of your case. Our purpose-built sleep dentistry facility allows for efficient and comprehensive care, ensuring your comfort and safety. During your consultation, our experienced team will provide you with an estimated treatment duration based on your individual needs.

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